21st Century Blues

Why is it that civilized humanity can make this world go wrong?
Global warming, fast food burgers and cold blooded murder;

Holy ozone!

Strip malls, urban sprawl, air rage, road rage and cell phonies;

How now mad cow?

Who wants to be millionaire?
We are doomed to consume in the corporate world;
Plundering the Earth and giving nothing back,
Numb and dumbed down.
Honey pass me my prozac.

Mediocrity rules!

I'm drowning in pop slop;
and unreality TV has nothing to do with me
Sweetie, the situation is not comedy.

I have an aversion to the diversions.
Seduced and manipulated with lies,
Buzzwords, and sound bites.

All here today and gone tomorrow;
To be replaced with more of the same...
Yet another horror, illusion and sorrow;

What goes around comes around;
Terrorism in the sky and carnage on the ground.

Congratulations, you are already a winner!

Darling I'm not in the mood for frankenfood.

Good-bye Dolly, hello kitty,
don't clone around with me.

Oh shit!
I just stepped in shit!
My new Gucci shoes!

Man I've got the 21st century blues.