Dark December Burlesque and Serendipity Sideshow

Cara Vida Sez "Just like bein' on the midway, God help me! Yeah, I'm still a class act."

Tarot Card Reading

Cyberhobo sez, "What's the hell's the chicken about anyway?"

Cara Vida sez, "Check out the King at the soundboard. Whatta guy!"

Bed of nails Cara Vida sez, "Wish you could have been there when this little gal on top of Mystic Marlow, laying on his bed of nails, started jumpin' up and down."
Blockhead Extreme

Cara Vida sez, "Yet another unnecessary, sharp object being pounded up the Blockhead's nose and into his skull."

Cyberhobo asks why?

Cara Vida

Cara Vida sez, "It's all about the money. Send donations, I wanna get a pair of real prescription reading glasses."

Bombshell Betty and Amber Lox Cara Vida sez, "Ohh la la. Bombshell Betty and Amber Lox shake their moneymakers like nobody's business."
Bombshell Betty Cara Vida sez, "Ohhhh la la all over again. That's what I'm talkin' about. Bombshell Betty and her classic chairdance."
David Apocalypse Cara Vida sez, "David Apocalypse is the real deal."
David Apocalypse Cara Vida sez, "Man, I dig your threads."
Walking on glass Cara Vida sez, "Don't do this at home."
Yo-Yo King Cara Vida sez, "The Yo-Yo King can sure strut his stuff."