The phrase "Cara Vida"
means "Good Life". The entertainer Cara Vida means the same. A veteran San Francisco performer, she personifies the spirit of a city rife with tragedy (the AIDS epidemic, poverty and violence - things it shares with every metropolis in the world), yet able to find happiness, love and fulfillment (the "Good Life" - something San Francisco seems to embrace more than its fellow cities). 

Cara Vida's act, a popular show in the City by the Bay's ultra-hip club scene, is described as "fresh cabaret styling: straight up, no place to hide. Makes you laugh, makes you cry, and makes you wonder why." It's fun, melancholy, and thought-provoking, emotionally draining and uplifting at the same time. Much of her work stems from the loss she's experienced in her life - friends dying of AIDS and, most influential, her mother's death. It was the loss of her mother that inspired her to sing. 

"During this time of grieving, I started going to karaoke bars," Cara Vida told a San Francisco newsweekly. "Not only did karaoke help me through the grieving process, but I discovered that I loved singing and entertaining...Later, I decided to pursue a cabaret solo act." 

Since that time, she's performed all over San Francisco, as well as in New York City - two places known for their offbeat, avant-garde music scenes. And Cara Vida has stood out as an original in both cities. You're not likely to find anyone like her anywhere else. 



Cara Vida